About Our Classes

Pilates Class

It is great that some of you have done Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates or Yoga before coming to us, but we strongly suggest having your first two classes with our trainers in the Foundation class. Foundation is not just for beginners, it’s the very “foundation” on which we here at Dynamic Pilates teach.

The Foundation class is a series of exercises that we have designed to get you working systematically through every plain of movement with correct posture and alignment. Therefore the exercises are the same with each class, but the order and delivery varies depending on your chosen trainer. In the Foundation class, you will be able to “fine-tune” your workout by using controlled movements and correct body alignment because you will be familiar with the exercises. Check out our video page to see some of the exercises

You will find your fitness and flexibility will increase with every class. We can adjust to your level of fitness by changing the resistance and intensity of each exercise. If you wish to progress up to the Intermediate class we suggest two Foundations first, but take your time as you can stay with the Foundation class for as long as you like.



Engagement of your core and confidence on the Reformer is a must. The Intermediate classes are for those who want a more challenging and DYNAMIC workout. While maintaining correct posture, the trainer will challenge you with exercises that are not in the Foundation class, designed to take your workout to a higher level. The key to a fitter, stronger, and more flexible body is variety so we actively encourage you to mix and match your workouts, and maybe alternate a Foundation class with an Intermediate class, so that you keep challenging your body in different ways.


The Rehabilitation/Remedial Class

This class is for anyone who is suffering from chronic back or neck pain or poor posture as well as recovering from surgery or injury. Or maybe you feel a bit uncertain as to whether Reformer Pilates is for you and you want to start more slowly? There is a maximum of 4 people and the class will be tailored to each individual’s needs, but based on the Foundation class. Each participant will be encouraged to work at a level they are comfortable with – working towards the end goal of joining the group Foundation classes with confidence and an understanding of how to get the most from their workouts at Dynamic Pilates.