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Pilates Class

Here at Dynamic Pilates we offer complete body conditioning classes on the Stott Reformer with fully trained and enthusiastic trainers. The classes cater for all fitness levels from total beginners to dynamic athletes, helping you create a toned physique and a more balanced body.

Classes are 50 minutes long, just enough time for you to unwind from those day to day hassles and have some “you” time while exercising to music and reconnecting with your body and mind. The reformers we use are a modernised version of Joseph Pilates’ creation. These alone are amazing pieces of equipment, making you engage your core and focus on the muscle groups that are being used. Dynamic Pilates allows your joints to rest while your muscles strengthen without bulking and work together to perform correct movement patterns.


We offer an intimate group class of up to 4 people at any one time. This ensures that the trainer is able to focus on everyone to make sure you are in the correct position and alignment throughout the class. We strive to keep you in perfect posture and positioning while giving you the space and guidance to check your own posture and movement patterns.

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